May 26, 2024

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Totally Awesome Hulk is NOT Totally Awesome…Nah, It Totally Is!


If you’ve been reading my Secret Wars write ups (and of course, you have been right?) you’ve probably heard me mention that I haven’t been much of a reader of the big green guy.  I’ve nothing against The Hulk, but I’ve never been drawn in enough to collect him regularly.  Even during my “Todd McFarlane is God” phase I only read the first trade paperback of his Hulk run.

But I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this new take on The Hulk starring Amadeus Cho instead of Bruce Banner, so I thought I would check it out.  See what I thought (though the title of this article pretty much gives it away), mostly spoiler free, after the break.


Not being a big reader of The Hulk, I don’t know a whole lot about Amadeus Cho.  He’s popped up here and there in some stuff I’ve read, and I know he is a super genius, but that’s about it.  Tom has done a great job of covering Cho’s history already, so if you are curious, be sure to read that.  But I don’t think you need to know much going into this.

As with all the All-New All-Different (but mostly the same, pretty much ignoring Secret Wars except for bringing Miles Morales and Old Man Logan to the main universe) Marvel books, the story begins after an eight month time jump.  Cho is the Hulk, Banner is not and we don’t know much more than that.  There are hints and flashbacks along the way to let us know that what happened during that missing time will be revealed.  Where is Banner?  How did Cho become the Hulk?  etc.

Cho’s Hulk is exactly what you’d expect if you made a happy go lucky teenager one of the most powerful heroes on Earth.  He gets the job done, but is more concerned with eating cheeseburgers and the hotness of the damsel in the distress that he is saving.

A lot has been made in the press about Amadeus being Korean-American.  But not once does the book play like anything other than “here’s this genuis kid who can turn into the Hulk”.  Which is exactly as it should be.  It probably helps that the book is written by Amadeus creator Greg Pak who is of Korean descent himself.  With fantastic art by Korean-American Frank Cho.  With this lineage and both creators well versed (especially Pak) in all things Hulk, the book is in great hands.

It’s hard to get into much else without heading into real spoiler territory so I will leave it at that and definitely recommend at least picking up the first issue and see what you think.  And this is coming from someone that has never collected The Hulk as I’ve said, so it must have been good.