December 6, 2022

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Honest Trailer For 2015’s Fantastic Four


Fantastic Four is currently at 10% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.  Which is not good, but actually up a little I think.  This movie has had disaster written all over it for a long time.  So it was surprising when both Jenny and Watson give it halfway decent reviews.

I never caught it in theatres but watched it recently and surprisingly it wasn’t half bad.  Only one-third bad.  I thought it had a great sci-fi/horror vibe going for it and was ruined when it, ironically, turned into a super hero movie.  I’d be curious to see Trank’s original vision for the film as the last third of the movie felt like the studio got cold feet and stepped in to “fix” it and only made things worse.

So while I’m not advocating to run out and watch it, it’s not as bad as you probably think.  I still hope that all this means a Sony/Marvel/Spider-Man-esque agreement to bring Marvel’s First Family back into the Marvel Studio‘s fold, but time will tell.

After the cut, Honest Trailers has their say…which is not quite as kind as mine…

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