June 23, 2024

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New in Netflix for December



Now that your belly is full and you have your Cyber Monday shopping done, it’s time to binge watch a little TV.  We are losing a couple big geek titles this upcoming month.  The big one is the 2005 classic, Batman Begins.  This is the Christopher Nolan reboot of the franchise and I can’t help but watch whenever these are on.

We will also be losing two cartoon super hero series, The Avengers: 2010-2012 and Thor & Loki also from 2010-12.  I haven’t seen either of these, but I am going to check out The Avengers before it leaves as it has The Wasp, Black Panther and Ms. Marvel in it.  This will have to tide me over until all three of these make it onto the Big Screen in the upcoming  year or so.

We don’t have any new big geek titles arriving this month.  The highlight for me is going to be Phineas & Ferb season 4.  These two boys have serious street cred with me and my family.  Catch the whole list of coming and goings on Netflix here and let me know what your going to miss most.  And let me know your thoughts on Jessica Jones!  I’m loving it, but it’s definitely not a Super Hero show in my opinion.  More like a psycho thriller!