June 23, 2024

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Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: No, Watson Is Not Back Yet


Hey, another weekend passed, and our usual box office guy, Watson, is still on special assignment covering the civil war in Ukraine.  He said there was geek value to it, and who are we to say no to Watson putting himself in harm’s way?

So, here’s another box office report.

And so it came to pass that another week came to pass, and many tickets were purchased for entertainment purchases and there was much rejoicing.

For lo, did the final part of the final part of the Hunger Games teratology that should have been a trilogy hath done what anyone would expecteth it to do and vanquished all and sunder with $51.6 million dollars.  That would be quite a good deal of the filthy lucre, as saith the bard.

And despite protests of backstage issues and shenanigans, the mighty Pixar did some damage to the wallet of filmgoers with $39.19 million in proceeds that proceeded directly to the purse of yon Disney.  The Good Dinosaur was the name of that brave film, that unseemed Victor Frankenstein from the nave to the chops on that dark field of combat.

The continuous story of all and sunder who are acquainted with Rocky of the House Balboa, this time in a story simply entitled Creed, managed a fine showing with $30.12 million.  Would any man have guessed that such a feet was even conceivable?

And yea, verily, James of the House Bond, first of his name, did proceed to continue with his valiant showing of ticket sales.  His latest yarn, Spectre, a story of ghosts and goblins past and present for the warlike Bond, did gross $12.8 million.

Finalizing this mighty list of five, the highly divisive Peanuts Movie earned a mere $9.7 million, though whether that divisiveness be due to Jenny being too saucy or Ryan possessing too much spleen I know not.