May 19, 2024

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Marvel’s Phase Two Box Set Artwork Is Awesome

Yes, this is the Phase 2 box set. The discs are in the base.

I might be in the minority around here at Gabbing Geek that still purchases physical media and not digital.  I do both, but there is just something I still like about having that plastic case and piece of cardboard with artwork printed on it that still appeals to me.

So on December 8th I will begin my yearning for the complete Marvel Phase 2 Blu-Ray box set.  I’m still waiting for the Phase 1 box set to become super cheap so that I can pick that one up.  Maybe THIS Black Friday is the one!

But back to Phase 2, I can give or take the elaborate Orb and Infinity Stone packaging.  But the artwork for the individual movies caught my eye.  It is in a similar style to the Phase 1 packaging and really manages to capture the essence of each movie in one minimalist image.

Check them out after the break.







And if you are interested, check out a very elaborate photo view of the entire box set over at Collider.