December 11, 2023

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Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: May The Receipts Be Ever In Your Favor

ll62uHey, did you guys ever notice that the box office report come with a photo of a guy working in a literal office made of cardboard boxes?  Isn’t that cool?

Oh, yeah, hear the sounds of commerce after the cut.

Like, this week we in the States have Thanksgiving.  And we have lots to be thankful for.  Friends.  Family.  Foosball tables.  You know, the three F’s.  And then we all give thanks and absorb the thankfulness which will power us through another rough holiday shopping season.  It’s, like, a major bummer, man.

But some people went to the movies and paid money.  And what is money if not an agreed upon social system whereby printed paper or minted coins is worth a certain amount of pre-arranged labor at our respective places of employment.  Like, some people work for news agencies that report on what money was spent doing certain things, and then those things earn those people money, so they can do certain things, and, like, the circle of life goes on.

Simba: money is exchanged for goods and services!

But man, when people spend money in large amounts doing the same things, it connects to the communal spirit that resides in all of us.  And that’s just awesome.  We should all do stuff as a community, because only as a community can we solve the community’s problems.

What was in that brownie Watson gave me?

Oh yeah, the box office:

The Hunger Games got, like, $101 million for first place.  So, like, we’re gettin’ more two parters fer sure.

Then there was that Spectre thing that got $14.6.  Man, I still haven’t seen Skyfall.

Jenny liked Peanuts!  It got $12.8 million.  That should help out that struggling Charles Schulz guy…what?  Dead?  Really?  I didn’t even know he was sick!

The Night Before seems like the kind of movie I might like right this second for some reason.  It got $10.1 million.

The Secret in their Eyes  earned $6.63 million.  Is that a horror movie?  That sounds like a good name for a horror movie.