September 28, 2022

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The Force Is Strong With This New Star Wars Fashion Collection

Hot Topic and Her Universe have teamed up again to reveal their new Star Wars fashion collection. And honestly? It’s absolutely fabulous. It’s like they creeped into our brains and sucked out the very pieces we’ve been begging for them to create. They have jackets, sweaters, and adorable t-shirts. Check out some of our favorite pieces after the break, and see where you buy them as well!

Product Page (Prices Vary)

10444563_Darth-Vader-Jacket_Back_69.50 10444563_Darth-Vader-Jacket_Front_69.50 10455063_Boba-Fett-Bomber-Jacket_Front_59.50 10455063_Boba-Fett-Bomber-Jacket_Back_59.50 10444571_BB8-Bomber-Jacket_59.50 10445197_Darth-Vader-Knit-Sweater_49.50 10445307_R2D2-Knit-Sweater_49.50 10445337_SW-The-Force-Awakens_Tour-Tee_28.50

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