December 5, 2023

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXXV (Lazy Jimmy Edition)

where-monsters-dwell-1After the cut, not a whole lot on Where Monsters Dwell #1 – #5, Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #4 and Ms. Marvel #19

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Where Monsters Dwell





I liked Where Monsters Dwell.  Tom gives it some flack for being censored Garth Ennis.  There is no doubt that is true, and Ennis is at his best when he is allowed free reign to do whatever he wants.  But Ennis is still a great writer, and a censored Ennis is still better than many writers out there.

The series is a lot of fun and even censored, probably pushes the envelope at times for what a mainstream Marvel book would usually present.  To the point that the last couple of issues contain that big “Parental Advisory!  Not for kids!” warning on the cover.

That said, and Tom made this point too, this series has nothing to do with Secret Wars.  The only references to Battleworld and domains is done on the recap page.  It is never mentioned in the story.  There is a storm and our “heroes” go off course and end up…somewhere…but it could be anywhere.  It could be the 616 Savage Land for that matter.  We are told by the recap page they have crossed domains, but the story never shares this.  It seems pretty obvious that this was something they had in the can from Ennis and realized they could sell a lot more copies by sticking a Secret Wars logo on it.

As such, I’m not going to break down the goings on of these 5 issues like I usually do.  I do recommend it if you are into Ennis and more mature, non-cape and tight stories.  It is really funny at times and everyone gets their comeuppance.

Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #4


Continuing the adventures of the first three issues of this series, the wooing of the new twins in town, uh, continues.  It’s Avengers vs. X-Men…vs the Guardians of the Galaxy…vs the Inhumans…vs the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Basically, as many cute little Marvel characters as Skottie Young decides he wants to draw.

The series is a fun little aside, especially if you like Young’s work.  It has basically nothing to do with Secret Wars…but as it turns out, very little of the tie-ins do.  At least it acknowledges God Doom and Battleworld and the like and doesn’t completely ignore it like Where Monsters Dwell.

Ms. Marvel #19


One of the final Last Days books, Kamala tries to wrap up all her existing plot threads before the final incursion.  Previous Ms. Marvel issues actually tied into Secret Wars nicely when it was crossing over with Captain Marvel, but outside of that it is really skippable unless you are reading the title anyway.