December 1, 2022

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Kickstart A New MST3K


I’ve been a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 for years.  The concept was simple:  some mad scientists, in an attempt at world domination, subject some poor guy and a pair of wisecracking robots to the worst movies the scientists can find in an attempt to find the one that will break their spirits.  The concept doesn’t matter, really.  It was basically an excuse to make jokes while watching bad movies.

Well, there may be more on the way…

The series original creator Joel Hodgson has a new Kickstarter campaign going to make a new season of the show, possibly with a new cast (not the first time they recast, oh, any character on the show, truth be told).

As I type this, the campaign is already close to the halfway minimum goal of $2 million dollars to make three episodes.  The hope is to somehow get 12 episodes in the can, but three is a good start.

Want to help out?  Click the link above and donate.

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