April 21, 2024

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Superman Fought The Klan Once


Racism is bad.  Most people agree on this simple fact.

Sadly, some people miss a memo here and there, but it isn’t uncommon for good, decent folks to find ways to fight back.  Such is the case of Stetson Kennedy, who found the geekiest way possible to fight the Ku Klux Klan.

Kennedy, and yes that is his real name, was disqualified from serving in the military during World War II.  He still wanted to do good for his country, so he looked around for some home-grown haters to take down instead.  He decided on the Klan.

Kennedy infiltrated the group, learned their secrets, and then decided to let the rest of the country in on their secret handshakes and other such nonsense.  And he found the best way to do it was to take his gathered intelligence and put it on the Superman radio show.

You know, that probably is the best way to get a hate group’s secret info out to the rest of the world…put it on a popular entertainment program and mock it heavily.

The plot had Jimmy Olsen’s baseball team get a new pitcher.  Said pitcher was Chinese and said pitcher accidentally beaned a guy’s nephew.  Said guy was a member of a “Clan” that had all sorts of secret handshakes and wardrobes and such that, well gosh golly gee whiz, was exactly the same as the real thing.

Plus, Superman kept calling them cowards.

Applications for new membership in the real group dropped a bit after that.

Hold on…there’s a formal application process?  Never mind.

Kennedy would go on to reveal more of his time as an infiltrator over time, but the guy recruited Superman to help him out.  That’s pretty darn cool.  Kennedy himself passed away in 2011.