April 17, 2024

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Diablo 3 Inspired Engagement Rings


Designing a Diablo 3 inspired engagement ring for Diablo fans James and Colleen has been one of the most technically challenging but creatively rewarding projects for Takayas Custom Jewelry.  This platinum 1.00 ct solitaire ring features 6 black accent diamonds and is based entirely on the armor and weapons of the Demon Hunter and Barbarian Diablo 3 characters. See how this stunning ring came out, and hear the engagement story that goes with it after the break:

Diablo was the first game James and Colleen played together, so when James asked her to move in with him, he presented her with a hand painted box of their Diablo characters that contained the key to their house. It was only fitting that it would all come full circle when James was ready to propose. Takayas knew it was going to be an exciting project when James approached them with concept art images of their characters and told Takayas his plans to carry over the same theme for her ring.


One of the difficulties with creating engagement rings from non-traditional elements like video game characters is finding a way to pay tribute to a character or series, while still creating a timeless ring that anyone can appreciate. Takayas decided to use the essence of each character’s armor and weapons applied to different sections of the ring.



Takayas Custom Jewelry:

It was very important that we finished the ring by the beginning of September because James had an elaborate proposal planned for their vacation together!

“The main idea I came up with for the proposal was to make it look like a legendary loot drop from Diablo III.  I procured a couple of glass boxes–one larger than the other–and a crystal ring holder to act as a platform for the ring.  I then bought remote-controlled LED light that had an amber color which is very close to the color of the column of light that shoots out of legendary weapons when they drop in D3.

I also purchased a Bluetooth speaker to play the legendary drop sound at the critical moment.

Finally I used a crystal skull candle holder to hold the Scroll of Identify (from Diablo II) that I prepared on paper aged with coffee and fire.”

diablo-ring-sideview_final-Takayas-Custom-Jewelry diablo-ring-_frontview_final-Takayas-Custom-Jewelry Diablo-Engagement-Ring-render-2-Takayas-Custom-Jewelry

We’re happy to report that she said yes! And with a loot drop like this, who wouldn’t?