July 22, 2024

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New On Netflix For November


It’s almost November and that means I need to let you know what new on your favorite streaming service!  First and most important is the new Marvel series Jessica Jones which starts November 20th!  If this is as good as Daredevil is, we are set for a happy Thanksgiving.  We are also  getting a couple of classic Geek titles.  First off is the original Total Recall featuring our favorite Ca. Governor, Arnold himself.  Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country is also coming back to Netflix.  Add in some classics like Bravehart, Good Will Hunting, and a Jay and Silent Bob movie by Kevin Smith, and I know I will always have something to watch this month.

The only “loss” in November in Batman and Robin.  Hard to really call this one a loss in my opinion.  Take a look here and here to see all of the November comings and goings.  Did I miss something?  What are you going to miss or looking forward to seeing again?  Let me know.