February 29, 2024

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Careful You Don’t Skip The Preacher Trailer With Your PVR On Sunday Night


If you are like me you don’t watch commercials.  You probably rarely watch live TV.  And even when you do, you wait 15-20 minutes until after the start of a show to start watching it so that you can skip the commercials.

In doing that it is also easy to miss things like say the pieces of Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 as you skip ahead.  (Editor’s note: I wouldn’t exactly say you are missing anything there Jimmy.)

After the cut, a heads up as to why you should take it easy on the fast forward button this Sunday…as if you need to guess…

AMC has announced that during The Walking Dead‘s super-sized 1.5 hour episode on Sunday November 1st, the trailer for their new series Preacher will debut.  Preacher is based on the critically acclaimed and Jimmy recommended Vertigo book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.  It is a fantastic read, but high on the charts of possibly offending many with the amount of sex, drugs, rock and roll, violence and their views on the Catholic church.  It will be interesting to see how much of that gets translated to the small screen.

Least expected executive producer Seth Rogen has already said to not expect a scene for scene, exact storyline translation from the comic.  There will be new characters, multiple characters will be merged into one to simply things, etc.

I really love Preacher.  While I am definitely more of a capes and web-shooters guy when it comes to comics, Preacher was one of my gateway drugs to more “adult” comics.

All that said, I’m sure the trailer will either be online before then or shortly after, so you are probably safe to skip commercials as usual and look the trailer up online when you’re done.