June 19, 2024

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Gabbing Geek 57: Back to the Future Special

Gabbing Geek 57: Back to the Future Special
Gabbing Geek 57: Back to the Future Special

In case you haven’t seen a single piece of social media content all week then let us be the first to tell you–it’s Back to the Future Day!  October 21, 2015 is the actual day Marty McFly visited the future (and not every other day since 2010 thanks to a lame meme generator).  In honor of this special day filled with fond memories and NO HOVERBOARDS, our Back to the Future Special covers future predictions, pitches for Back to the Future part 4, and a time-themed trivia contest bound to make people angry!  Take a listen to the podcast right now or jump after the break to find out more!

In honor of Back to the Future Day (October 21, 2015) we present a very special episode of Gabbing Geek all about the best time traveling trilogy since Saw.

We start off by talking about the future.  Back to the Future made some predictions about its future, our present, and while it got a few things right it also missed the mark on several things.  Our gang takes turns making predictions for 2045—be sure to tune into Gabbing Geek episode 1,624 to see if we’re right!

Next up is Pitch Please!  We each take turns making out pitch for Back to the Future part 4.  Take a listen and let us know your favorite!

Finally, we end with a Watson trivia game about news from 2015, 1985, and 1955.  Since it’s a Watson trivia contest, it’s guaranteed to end badly.  Find out how badly by listening to this episode right now!

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