December 6, 2023

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Hey! A Dick Grayson Batman Animated Movie! Woot!


I’ve always felt that post Final Crisis, DC Comics had pulled off what many would probably say was impossible. Replace Bruce Wayne as Batman. Sure there had been pretenders and fill ins over the years, but I thought the handling of the new dynamic duo of Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin struck a perfect balance between appeasing old school fans and satisfying new fans.

Perhaps I’m wrong, and the return of Bruce Wayne was always on the horizon, but I really felt that DC could have run with this to Wally West levels. At the very least they allowed the duo to continue after Bruce returned and took on a more international role with the creation of Batman Inc. But then the New 52 came along and mucked everything up.

Either way I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the trailer after the cut for the new direct to video Batman animated movie Batman: Bad Blood due in 2016. This is a return to the classic batman animated series which features Grayson as Batman, Damian as Robin and also Batwoman and Batwing. The movie is essentially Batman Inc. My interest is definitely piqued.