July 21, 2024

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Secret Wars #7 Cover Who’s Who?

Not that Secret Wars #7

I was recently writing up my walk through for Secret Wars #6 and when I reached the end I flipped the page to see a preview of the cover for issue #7.  I had seen it before.  But as it sat there before my eyes, the longer I looked at it, the cooler I realized it was.  “Is that the Lou Ferrigno Hulk?  Forbush Man??  Goose Rider???”  What was going on with this cover?

It seems the Marvel multiverse is back and they are not happy with one Victor Von Doom.  After the cut, check out the full cover and our best guesses at who’s who.  We’ve identified must, but there are a couple we need your help with.  So get your Marvel dukes shined up and have a look…


  1. Some guy named Doom.  I think he’s important.
  2. 616 Reed Richards
  3. 616 Black Panther
  4. Goose Rider.  Buddy of Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham.
  5. Psi-Hawk of Psi-Force.  New Universe, represent.
  6. A Spider-Man, not sure which.
  7. Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man.
  8. Venom/May Parker from the excellent Earth-X.
  9. A female member of the Nova Corps.  Not sure who.
  10. 616 Cyclops
  11. Seems to be Iron Man…in a green tinted armor?
  12. 616 Captain Marvel
  13. 616 Captain Britain
  14. 616 Thor
  15. A Machine Man variation?  Could be X-51 from Earth-X.
  16. Irving Forbush, Forbush Man
  17. Squadron Supreme’s Dr. Spectrum
  18. Hulk 2099
  19. Trenchcoat Man?  Any ideas?  Could be Justice from the New Universe.
  20. J2, the Juggarnaut of Marvel’s MC2 line.
  21. 616 Star-Lord
  22. A Spider-Man.  Best guess is the 1970’s TV show version.
  23. There’s some disagreement in the Gabbing Geek bullpen about this one.  I think it is a Deathlok version of Captain America, while Ryan thinks it is a Skrull version.  Could find nothing definitive either way.
  24. Spider-Man 2099
  25. 1602 Captain America
  26. Paradox.  A massive deep cut that Ryan impressively figured out.
  27. Lou Ferrigno Hulk from the Incredible Hulk TV series
  28. Spider-Man from the Japanese TV show
  29. Arkon from Gabbing Geek favorite Weirdworld.
  30. A Daredevil.  Doesn’t look like any comic version.  Possibly the Netflix version or DD as he appeared in the TV movie The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk.
  31. A Shieldsman from the Avengers Galactic Battalion that appeared in Avengers Forever.
  32. This one is really tough since he is so obscured.  Our best guess is “not Gambit”.

If we’ve made any mistakes or you can identify any of our question marks, let us know in the comments!