December 5, 2022

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ABC And Marvel Bring Comedic Damage Control To The Small Screen


Every other issue of your favorite (and non-favorite) Marvel book each month usually sees a drop down, drag out fight between a super hero or super team versus a singular or band of villains.  These battles usually result in a huge amount of property damage.  But as the Avengers head for shawarma and Spider-Man goes to clean up his room, who deals with the aftermath?

Find out after the cut.

In the Marvel universe there is a tongue-in-cheek construction company by the name of Damage Control that comes in and cleans up the mess.  There have been four mini-series based on this concept and several other appearances throughout the Marvel Universe.

Variety is reporting that ABC and Marvel are developing a half-hour comedy based on the concept.  Ben Karlin (“The Daily Show,” “Modern Family”) will exec produce with David Miner and Marvel’s head of television Jeph Loeb.

This seems to be a direct reaction to DC Comics announced Powerless pilot over at NBC.  That show sounds like it will be a similar single camera, The Office-style comedy focusing on an insurance company in the DC universe.  You better hope you have that “Superman clause” in place when he and Zod destroy your Manhattan sky-rise.

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