Suicide Squad Harley Quinn “Property of the Joker” Jacket


We’ve featured lots of awesome Harley Quinn gear here on Gabbing Geek, everything from Harley’s “Daddy’s Little Monster” t-shirt, to cosplay/costume inspiration. But nothing compares to the level of detail and mastery to Film Jacket’s version of Harley’s “Property of the Joker” bomber.

Satin was used to give the jacket it’s shiny look. This also makes it a light weight, while the inside viscose has been stitched to absorb the moisture and keep you comfortable. Gold lining on the sleeves shows the edgy and stylish look of our girl Harley. Want to know where to get it? Check it out after the break:

For a meer $129.00 over at Film Jackets, you too can be the proud owner of this Harley Quinn original.




3 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Harley Quinn “Property of the Joker” Jacket

  1. Being a huge Harley Quinn fan, I dressed like her in two different occasions I ordered the same jacket from Amazon and received it quickly. This Harley Quinn jacket is one of my personally favorite costumes, I really want Harley and Joker to get more films, so we can get more costumes from them. Love Harley

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