December 11, 2023

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Podcast Reaction: Wait, More Villains?! Edition

"I'm going to go menace a St. Bernard, Scully."
“I’m going to go menace a St. Bernard, Scully.”

This week on the podcast, there was no Jenny.  That means a lot of boring stuff about box office numbers that haven’t happened yet.

I mean, yeah, there was some Mars talk that proves Watson is as bad at counting as Jenny, but at least they didn’t get into some really complicated numbers over how many rocks from the Sun Mars happens to be when Mars has two moons of its own to screw with his totals even more.

Then there was a List O’Truth for movie bad guys…

I’d say more about movie villains…except I did once already.

I mean, do I need to repeat myself?

By the way, Thomas Wilson played the gym teacher on Judd Apatow’s Freaks and Geeks, one of those shows where a lot of the cast got a lot more famous much later like Seth Rogen and James Franco but somehow never caught on with audiences at the time and ran for a year before cancelation.  He also does some cartoon voices, including one covered by Jimmy and myself.

I am wondering who came up with that list.  No Bond villains?  Dracula is out?  And if you can’t even decide who the bad guy is in the movie, maybe you should leave the fellow off the List.  I mean, if the Alien Queen and Jaws (AKA Bruce) are considered villains despite being creatures of instinct, then how does anyone question Agent Smith, even if he is a computer virus?

But you know what the real villain of this week was?  Jenny’s absence.  Bring back a healthy Jenny for next week, guys.  Jenny gives box office talk all the respect and attention it deserves.

Crap, this is a rather slapdash and disappointing podcast reaction.  You know what we need to end this?  A complete non sequitar.