July 15, 2024

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Long Overdue Bat-Credit


Anyone whose ever read a Batman comic in the past I don’t know how many years, or seen a Batman movie or cartoon since at least Michael Keaton donned a rubber suit, has possibly seen a credit somewhere that read, “Batman created by Bob Kane.”

DC Entertainment recently announced a change to that by-line, a long overdue one in the minds of many fans.

When Bob Kane’s first Batman story appeared way back in the 1939, he was the artist. Another man, Bill Finger, was the writer.  Finger, who also co-created Robin, Catwoman, the Joker, and the original Green Lantern, was never really given any credit…until now.

Starting with the new season of Gotham and continuing with the spring release of Batman v Superman, Finger will get a co-credit for the creation of Batman.

Why did this take so long?  That’s a good question.  Kane, unlike many of his contemporaries, had a literary agent when he went to work in the field and retained royalties for all things Batman.  Finger did not, and though Finger continued to work on Batman and other properties, DC Comics apparently never felt the need to give him the credit he deserved.  Indeed, many fans believe Finger’s contribution to how Batman turned out was way more influential than Kane’s.  Even Kane himself acknowledged in his autobiography that Finger deserved more recognition than he got in life (Finger died in 1974).

It took a long time, but a vital part of Batman’s creation is finally being recognized.  Good for all involved.