May 22, 2024

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Unicorn Gin Is A Thing Of Sparkling Legends


Gin. What’s better than Gin? How about Unicorn Tears Gin.

You read the right. Tears of the Unicorn. Straight into a gin bottle. You can tell this is real because it’s sparkling. I kid you not, those are real Unicorn sparkling tears – given freely & happily, or else this bottle would be labeled Tequila vs. Gin.

 Nose: Fragrant juniper rises from the glass alongside Curaçao orange and crisp lemon. Bruised mint leaves and fresh lemongrass brings herby freshness to the nose. Palate: Big bundles of candied orange peels, flying saucer sweeties and a hint of maple syrup. Touches of pine-y juniper berries and cardamom introduce elements of spices. Finish: Sweet, juicy orange freshness goes on and on throughout the finish.

Get your very own over at Firebox and speak none of this to Lord Voldemort. And as always, drink responsibly, for drinking too much of this leads to pooping rainbows. And we don’t need anyone else pooping rainbows – let’s be considerate of our neighbors, shall we?