June 16, 2024

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Gabbing Geek 52: Fantasy Season

Gabbing Geek 52: Fantasy Season
Gabbing Geek 52: Fantasy Season

While everyone else drafts Fantasy Football teams, the Gabbing Geek podcast is doing something a bit geekier. We’ve got robots and Chinese movie thieves and fantasy box office and trivia! What more could you ask for? How about Watson’s voice going up two octaves? Oh, it’s in there! Give the episode a listen right the heck now or jump after the break to read more.

Fantasy Season is our 52nd episode and just like so many people are drafting fantasy football
teams, we too are having some actual fun with imaginary games on Gabbing Geek.

First, in our Geekiest News of the Week (GNOW) we cover the hot new Star Wars toy…um, robotic experience BB-8. Which of our podcasters got their hands on the little guy Day 1 and what do they think of it? Next, we cover the strange case of China’s box office and how a propaganda piece stole money from Terminator: Genysis.

After some GeekMail we next enter our own made-up sport: Fantasy Box Office. Each of our podcasters has a budget of $50 to purchase three upcoming 2015 releases at auction. Who picks the best team? Who read the rules before we start playing? You’ll find out!

Finally, Watson leads us in a trivia game all about addresses. No, not dresses—addresses!

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