July 16, 2024

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Stephen Colbert Will Tell You How To Drive


I’ve discussed in the past about how much I like the App Waze.  I think it’s one of the best GPS apps out there because of the social media aspect of other drivers giving you heads up to potential slowdowns for whatever the reason.

Waze did a promo a while back with the new Terminator movie, Genysis.  It must have been a hit with Waze users, as they are back at it again.  This time they are teaming up with mega talent from Comedy Central and star of his own late show premiering soon on CBS, the one and only Stephen Colbert!

Stephen is lending his voice and comedy to help you get from point A and point B and keep you entertained along the way.  I hope it keeps the kids entertained as well, I’m tired of them asking “Are we there yet?”    Read the whole article and watch a great video of Stephen introducing himself and Waze over at CNET.