December 4, 2023

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Get Your Star Trek Slippers Before The Cold Front Hits!


Brrrrrrr…. fall – um – winter – is uhhhh….. right around the corner. That’s right, it’s the last day of August people which means that September starts tomorrow, pumpkin spice lattes are on their way, and soon we’ll all be buried in snow! OH THE HUMANITY! If only in Texas (where we’re based) we could be so lucky. Alas – for the rest of you with actual seasons, here are some awesome Star Trek slipper boots! Want some for yourself? Check out where to get them and see Captain Picard wearing them after the break:

immo_st_tng_boot_slippers_blue immo_st_tng_boot_slippers_red immo_st_tng_boot_slippers_yellow




Baaaaahahahahhaha – that’s what we call a geek rick-roll. Anyway – thanks to our friends over at Fashionably Geek for finding these awesome booties.

Get your very own over at Think Geek for a little under $25, for these are the voyages of your winter time toes!