September 21, 2023

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Terminator Might Be Back After All

"I'll potentially return depending on macroeconomic conditions and currency valuations."
“I’ll potentially return depending on macroeconomic conditions and currency valuations.”

Reports of the Terminator’s demise may be premature.  Genisys’ performance in the US has certainly been on the weak side but movies are show business and the numbers aren’t as bad as we once thought.  Find out why after the break!

Consider the following two movies:

  • Movie A had a production budget of $150 million while Movie B had a budget of $155 million.
  • Movie A had a worldwide gross of $385 million while Movie B had a worldwide gross of $380 million.

Seems pretty similar.  Except that I’ll tell you one of these movies was considered a huge success and the other is Terminator: Genisys.  If you can’t immediately tell the difference then that’s why we may get another Terminator movie.

But just so you know, Movie A was the 2009 Star Trek reboot.  And certainly the two sets of numbers have some important differences.  Star Trek made over $250 million domestically and had a small chunk come in from overseas.  Genisys, on the other hand, only made $89 million domestically but it continues to pull in big numbers outside the US.  Terminator: Genisys just opened in China and was the 4th largest opening all time opening (a bit north of $27 million).  The numbers will continue to come in (the movie opened on a Sunday in China so that is a one-day take) and bolster a case for a (probably lower budget and more international) sixth Terminator.  But it’s interesting to see how close the two movies are–there was no question when Star Trek came out that it would get a sequel.

Paramount had previously announced a sixth Terminator film for May 19, 2017–a date that still stands on their schedule.  Will Arnold be back?  Jimmy and I sure hope so.