December 7, 2023

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Podcast Reaction: There Was No Podcast This Week Edition


This week on the podcast, there wasn’t one to celebrate the one year anniversary of Gabbing Geek.  See, the podcasters like to celebrate doing a lot of fun work by not doing any.  Got a problem with that?

So, why am I reacting?  Well, mostly because there was an open timeslot.

About a year ago, I listened to the first podcast.  It…ran a bit long.  And sure enough, at the tail end, Watson namedrops me as the one person who would listen to the whole darn thing.

Was he right?  I dunno.  Anyone else listen to the whole show?

"I didn't."
“I didn’t.”

So, I figured if I were namedropped, I should listen more often.  Then I started writing in e-mails.  Then they actually read my first one.  Sucker move there.  That just encouraged me some more.  How many e-mails did I write?  Enough that my name became synonymous with “that annoying guy who always writes in”.

By that point, I’d only ever met Watson face-to-face once.  He met me, my future wife, and a few others for dinner at a wonderful Tex-Mex place in Houston.  He sat next to said future wife and apparently behaved himself since I was not banned from seeing him again when he came up to my neck of the woods a few months ago.  I passed along gifts to the podcasters that may or may not have actually been used by now.  I don’t know.

At some point, the guys and Jenny must have realized the best way to get me to stop sending Geek Mail was to give me the ability to write stuff directly for them.  And you know something?  Of the five main contributors, I am apparently the least popular writer at Gabbing Geek.  Jenny’s #1.  Or, you know, she’s the most popular since numbers aren’t her friend.  Jimmy somehow hit paydirt with some random infographic of Daredevil costumes.  Did you notice how so many more infographics began appearing on the site in the last few months?

But no, my page views are behind Jimmy, Jenny, Watson, and Ryan.  Oh well.

In all seriousness, I greatly appreciate the opportunity I was given here.  I have a lot of free reign for what I do, so I do a lot of stuff that interests me and may not interest anyone else.  That’s fine.  No one here has ever told me I can’t, and I still push out at least an article a day during publishing days, sometimes as many as three.  Everyone here is a fantastic person (even Watson), and I’m grateful to have this forum.  My wife, who is mostly not a Geek, made some rumblings in the past about writing for a site that actually pays.  I’d rather write for a site with people I consider my friends.

And I do.

Keep reading, folks.  I have some Arthur C. Clarke to cover next week, more Batman cartoons (probably), another Misplaced Hero, a British sitcom review, and probably another Discworld book to write about.  It’ll be fun.