April 21, 2024

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Gabbing Geek Box Office Report- Not Sure How Fantastic It Is


The critics weren’t kind.  Audiences gave it an equally bad grade.  Could Fantastic Four even hold off a popular Mission Impossible film in its second frame?  

* Nooooo! Cruise takes the week! Finishing first this week was with $29.4M was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation in its second weekend. This is a hold of approximately 47%.  That is a strong hold for the aging franchise; proving that the series is experiencing a renaissance after the exceptional fourth installment.


* Coming in at a BRUTALLY DISAPPOINTING this week was Fantastic Four, grossing $26.2M in its opening weekend. I enjoyed the film.  Jenny enjoyed the film.  We are the extent of the global enjoyment apparently.

Projections going into the weekend was a total of about $55M. Word of mouth was terrible, with a Cinemascore of C- (a score lower than a B is considered bad!), so this bomb is highly unlikely to even crack $100M. It will probably struggle to even make it to the $55M!


* Number three this week was The Gift finished with $12M.  When I saw the previews of the Jason Bateman fronted thriller, I thought “Hmmm…they don’t make feature films like this anymore.  This is the kind of movie that excellent television has replaced.”  Good for Star/director Joel Edgerton for making this one work.
*Pulling in at #4 this week was Vacation with $9M. That’s a drop off of less than 40%, which is stunning. I figured that one would drop 60%!

* Rounding out the top five this week was Ant-Man in its fourth weekend with $7.8M. The little franchise has now delivered $147M domestically and $177M abroad for a cume of $326M.  These numbers are passable but I wonder if Marvel is disappointed with those global grosses.


Outside the top ten:
* Meryl Streep’s Ricki and the Flash with $7M.  Fans of the nascent DC Cinematic Universe were very confused and disappointed with this team up flick.

* Shaun the Sheep finished #10,  netting $4M in its debut frame. As with all Wallace and Gromit animated films, the reviews were spectacular but American children don’t seem interested. A new release not finishing in the top five in August? Not good.

Source: Box Office Mojo