May 20, 2024

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Four Fantastic Reasons YOU SHOULD SEE The Fantastic Four


If you happened to listen to our podcast the other day, you would have known that I was looking forward to seeing the new Fantastic Four movie. My heart was broken on air when I found out that the Rotten Tomatoes average review score was at a measly 18%, only to spiral downward Thursday morning to a whopping 8% – dear god! That’s only 2% better than Paul Blart 2. I was ready for this movie to be DOOMED.

But you know what? The critics are suffering from MCU syndrome. They have all been spoiled for too long. And sometimes they get it wrong, just see these previous examples.  Fantastic Four is a fun movie! That’s right – I like it! Don’t roll your eyes just yet, before you call bull-shit, see my four fantastics reasons for why YOU TOO should see the new Fantastic Four movie:

Fantastic Reason #1: This is a good origin story. 


That’s right. I said it. It’s a good origin story. If you’re anything like me, who doesn’t know the spellbinding history of the original Fantastic Four, then this movie helps to put together some of the pieces.

Are their backstories perfect? No. Did the movie explain every detail it could have without leaving any holes? No – of course not.

But at least you get enough to understand who they are, and why they act like they do. At times their interactions together are quite funny, and that’s enough for me. Remember this is a reboot – so the storytelling of how they all come together is reasonable, not terrible like some critics may have you believe.

Fantastic Reason #2: Seeing The Team’s Powers In Action.


I know there are probably a good majority of people that may disagree with me about this, but I don’t care. I’m sure it’s safe to say we all know the specific “powers” that are given to each of our four main heroes? Yes? So if I mention them, it’s not a spoiler – right? Because honestly, I loved seeing how they were able to show the team’s powers work. It was cool to see Reed Richards stretching, Johnny Storm fired up, Sue Storm phasing in and out of sight, and finally Ben Grimm coping with being an oversized rock. There’s definitely room left to be desired, but nevertheless, it was fun to watch them stretch, flame, protect, and clobber. That’s what they’re all about anyway – so might as well have fun watching what they do best.

Fantastic Reason #3: Doom is Truly Evil.


Among many lists out there on the internet that compare the worst of the worst of Marvel super villains, Doom ranks in the top 5 every time, most often in the #2 spot to lose out to Magneto. That being said – this version of Doom is truly evil once all is said and done. My only criticism lies with his development story. I do believe the writers could have given him more screen time to develop his maniacal ways, but when push came to shove, you didn’t have to guess which side of humanity Doom was on. And when we got to see the very little of him interacting with regular people – Doom crushed his competition. Splattered them. Exploded them. Fried them. Out-right killed them. If you’re one to root for the bad guy – his evil scenes are worth it.

Fantastic Reason #4: THEY GO TO SPACE!


Okay, okay. Granted, this means nothing to the rest of you – but my buddies and I had a bet that the  FF team  would/would not go to space. I argued that they would – my counterparts argued that they would not – and in the end I won. I won’t spoil when/how that happens in the movie, just know that it does. I WIN – NannaNanna-boo-boo!!!

So there you go 4….errr…. more like 3 fantastic reasons you should give this movie a chance. Don’t let those other snobs choose for you – check it out for yourself, have a good time – and when you’ve seen it, let us know what you thought!

Overall – I give this movie 7 out of 10 disappearing science fair model planes.