November 27, 2022

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Watson’s Unhappy Reaction To This Week’s Gabbing Geek Podcast

Last week, I was handed down a one show suspension on the Gabbing Geek podcast.  My appeal to President Obama was met with silence.  #ThanksObama.  Donald Trump, however, called this decision pathetic and blasted Ryan and Jenny as “Losers”.

As unhappy as I am to be on Team Trump, I found myself today listening to the very first Gabbing Geek podcast ever where I was not THE dynamic and leading voice of the show.  I was sad, but did notice my name was mentioned more times during the supposedly Watson-free episode than Tony Stark’s name is mentioned during a non-Iron Man MCU film.

So what did I think of the episode that went on in my absence?  I sum it up very eloquently after the jump!

Turrible just turrible



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