June 15, 2024

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Gabbing Geek 49: Games People Play

Gabbing Geek 49: Games People Play
Gabbing Geek 49: Games People Play

It’s our 49th episode but the very first time someone has been suspended!  Find out what topics Jenny and Ryan get to discuss now that Watson is serving his suspension by listening to the episode right now or jumping after the break to read more!

Games People Play is our 49th episode and our very first with a member serving out their one podcast suspension.  Dismissed for excessive cursing, Watson is absent while Jenny and Ryan hold down the fort.

In our Geekiest News of the Week (GNOW) we cover the two different versions of the Deadpool trailer and the upcoming release of Fantastic Four.  Then we take a break for some GeekMail before moving on to our main segment.

With Watson gone we can actually talk about some geek subjects!  This time we devote our energy to recommending some games to our loyal listeners.  Jenny and Ryan each recommend a mobile game (Monument Valley and Angry Birds 2), a board game (Zombies!!! and Ascension), and a console/PC game (Pokemon Saphire and Marvel Puzzle Quest).

Right, I’m off to have a look at the new TH11 war base post so I can adapt my base ready for the new event, catch you in a bit!

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