December 5, 2022

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“A Lego Brickumentary ” Review: How Does It Stack Up?

A new documentary is out about the toy dynasty that is Lego. Huge geek community surrounding this toy. Did all the parts fit together to make a compelling doc?

What I liked:
* The usage of lego figures to tell the story. Using stop motion animation, they had a minifig narrate the film. Jason Bateman voiced the main narrator fig. It was charming.
* The subject matter itself. Though I had seen many of the exhibits covered on Facebook (the house of Legos, the X-Wing in Time Square, and the builder contests), it was neat to see separate pieces (heh) on each. I also liked taking a look at the Lego community and how robust that lifestyle is.
* I really liked the story of CUUSOO (fan set design contest) winner Stephen Pakbaz who designed the Mars Curiosity Rover as a lego set. He is cha tingly awkward and admits to having difficulty in social situations, but he still exhibits a warmth that captures the way Legos can bring together people of all stripes and connect them. This was the highlight of the documentary for me.

What I didn’t like:
* Pakbaz was about the only interesting character in the doc. No one else stood out to me. I thought the section on autism could have brought out a more dynamic “character” to explore given how cool it is that we help kids cope through Legos, but it didn’t pan out.
* The directors tried to cover too much ground and it meant short changing some of the more interesting elements. I felt like leaving out a few other things could he helped the directors find a more narrative voice.
* It felt a little too insider. This was definitely made primarily for Lego insiders. It’s approachable to normals but there were times I found myself bored with the minutia of the lifestyle.
Overall: It was amusing but more informational than a documentary with a compelling narrative. Give it a view if you really like Legos. You’d definitely rank it much higher.
I give A Lego Brickumentary 6.5 out of 10 minifigs.

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