March 2, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: Yippee Ki-Yay Mister Falcon Edition


On this week’s podcast, listener Wachnroll asked via Geek Mail an innocent enough question.  When the podcast bleeps out bad language, is it just for comedic effect or did one of our beloved podcasters turn a blue phrase?

Watson had the answer which I will reveal after the break…

*bleep* *bleep* *bleep* you *bleep*-ing *bleep* *bleep* why don’t you go *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *blleeeeeeeeeeep*

Or something like that.  Basically Watson needs his mouth washed out with soap.

It got me thinking though about the use of the “bleep” for censoring unsavory content.    Since that bleep is so annoying and its use so immediately recongnizable, it is often used now for just comedic affect.   Most often times now things are treated a bit differently.

One of the more common alternatives is to simply mute the offensive words.  Have you ever been watching a movie or listening to a song and then for a split second the sound drops out completely?  Someone probably said something inappropriate about your mother in an age inappropriate medium.  I think these days you most often hear this effect on the radio.  But musicians and producers have gotten a bit smarter and will make alternate “clean” versions available for airplay that either loop lyrics or the lyrics drop and the music continues to play, etc.

The other common, and often hilarious alternative is to replace the offensive language with other dialogue.  With samples either taken from elsewhere in the movie, maybe other movies entirely, or using an impersonator, or in some horrible cases someone that sounds nothing like the actor in question.

Quite often whoever is editing these movies, usually for TV, tries to match words with the shape of the speakers mouth as they talk, so things don’t seem too out of whack to the viewer.  It can lead to gems such as this reworking from classic Christmas movie Die Hard 2: Die Harder:


Another edit dub that has grown in popularity in recent years is from the Samuel L. Jackson film Snakes on a Plane.  Much like the Die Hard edit, it completely changes one of the most quotable lines from the film:


Here is a compliation of these and more, with their original lines and the dubbed end result.  As such, NSFW language:


For a more recent example of this check out the trailer for Ant-Man:


If you’ve seen the film, you’ll notice that the line about “breaking into places and stealing stuff” is not exactly the line from the film.  The real line is “Damn Michael Douglas, you old!  I’ll be the Ant-Man bitch!”  That Paul Rudd.  Always a character.

Another large portion of the podcast was devoted to Ryan’s hatred of Jurassic World summer book recommendations.  I feel like Tom would definitely be sharing his two cents worth here if he wasn’t swimming with the fishes on vacation.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much to share in this regard.  Yes, part of that is because I read mostly comic books and not novels.  (Not because I can’t read as Watson believes.)  But also because any novels I have read of late have already been recommended by the Geeks.

Ready Player One, Red Rising and The Martian are three I’ve read recently and all are recommended.  I’ve also got Armada and The Girl With All The Gifts queued up to start shortly, but again, more Gabbing Geek recommendations.

So not surprisingly, I’ll make a comic book recommendation.  Batman Earth One: Volume Two.  Released in May of this year I only got around to reading this the other day as I’ve been reading way too much Convergence and Secret Wars, coupled with it’s massive 160 page count.


The Earth One series of books from DC is almost like their answer to the now defunct Marvel Ultimate Universe.  Fresh takes on their most iconic characters.  I looked briefly at Superman Earth One in a previous post.

For Batman, most of the pieces are the same, but writer Geoff Johns (rumored to be writing the rumored solo Batfleck movie) moves them around a bit.  There’s Bruce, and his parents getting murdered when he is eight and him becoming The Batman.  There’s Alfred, the trusty guardian…but on this world he’s more of a sensi.  Teaching Bruce weaponry and various martial arts.  He supports Bruce as the Bat, but wishes he would take a more “kill or be killed” approach.

Other familiar faces include Jim Gordon, Oswald Cobblepot, Harvey Dent, Selina Kyle, Harvey Bullock…basically the cast from Gotham…each with a different spin.

One caveat, I’d recommend reading Volume One first.  While the main story in Volume Two is mostly stand alone, there is a back story that builds upon the first volume and made me wish I had revisited it before reading.

These things are tough, is Tom back yet?