May 23, 2024

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A Farscape Movie? Creator Said Yes…

This is not from one of Jenny's cosplay articles.
This is not from one of Jenny’s cosplay articles.

One of my favorite sci-fi space operas is Farscape.  A co-production of Australian television, the Sci-Fi Channel before it became Sy-Fy, Halmark, and the Jim Henson company, the show was about human astronaut John Crighton, who, due to a weird accident, got blasted through a wormhole to the other side of the universe.  He was subsequently picked up by a living ship that had been acting as a prison vessel and was forced to get along with the various aliens onboard who were escaping their own prison sentences.

Sci-Fi canceled Farscape just before the fourth season started airing.  Which was a little odd since it was, at the time, one of the network’s highest rated shows, but it was also one of its most expensive shows.  Various backers came up with funding for a three hour mini-series to wrap up the story (which is a good thing, because without The Peacekeeper Wars, the whole thing ends on a real downer of a cliffhanger).

So, what’s this about a movie?

For starters, fans would love a movie.  I say this as a fan.  The show’s freakin’ awesome, and if you love good science fiction, the series is on Netflix except for maybe Peacekeeper Wars.  Crichton, played by actor Ben Browder, is a big nerd who makes pop culture references all the time that, since he’s on the other end of the galaxy, only he gets.  While there are a few regular crew members, there was also a revolving door of other weird aliens.  And there were a lot of weird aliens.  Aliens that farted helium when nervous.  Aliens who were deposed monarchs in floating hover thrones.  Aliens who shook off mind control drugs because of fast metabolisms.  And that was all the same alien.

The show was also frequently hilarious.  Body swapping is an old trope for sci-fi, but Farscape did a body swapping episode where different characters had to try and figure out how their new biology suddenly worked.

There was a whole episode that had animated segments as a homage to old Roadrunner cartoons.

So, a movie?  Well, creator Rockne O’Bannon confirmed there was work on a script.

Of course, he said that last year.  I bring it up because I found it on my Facebook news feed today.

Will there be a movie?  I dunno, but I may do a rewatch for this site in the near future, so I’m putting this out there.