June 18, 2024

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Gabbing Geek 44: Freedom, Freed ‘Em, And Free Dumb!

Gabbing Geek 44: Freedom, Freed 'Em, And Free Dumb!
Gabbing Geek 44: Freedom, Freed ‘Em, And Free Dumb!

Episode 44 of the Gabbing Geek podcast covers Back to the Future reboot news, the new Apple Music service, and the just revealed Spider-Woman #1 cover.  Then we discuss some influential LGBTQ characters from geek properties before launching our toughest trivia contest yet!  Find out who wins by listening right now or jump after the break to find out more!

Come celebrate Independence Day with Gabbing Geek episode 44: Freedom, Freed ‘Em, And Free Dumb!  We kick things off with our Geekiest News of the Week (GNOW) where we cover Back to the Future reboot news and the new Apple Music service.  Then watch things get uncomfortable as Jenny hosts a lighter version of General Grievance (Corporal Concerned?) about the newly revealed Spider-Woman #1 cover with a very pregnant hero!

In honor of last week’s historic ruling by the Supreme Court in Obergefell, we next cover some LGBTQ characters in geekdom that influenced us.

Finally, we end with the ultimate July 4th trivia contest: a three-part trivia test where Ryan sees how much Jenny and Watson know about the movie Independence Day, the American Revolutionary War, and the song Freedom 90 by George Michael.  Who will win our toughest trivia contest yet?

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