May 20, 2024

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Review And Unboxing of Marvel Collector Corps June Mystery Box: Ant-Man


If you’ve been around Gabbing Geek for a while, then you’d know that we get overly excited for geek mystery boxes. We have a few articles floating around that feature a comprehensive review of 22 different boxes: Mystery Geek Box Monthly Subscriptions: The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky; and more recently we unboxed Geek Fuel’s June 90’s Retro themed box: Gabbing Geek Mystery Box Review Geek Fuel. And now we get the privilege of unboxing Marvel’s Collector Corps June Mystery Box: Ant-Man! See full review after the break.


Marvel is jumping on the monthly mystery geek box band wagon with their Marvel Collector Corps, and it’s definitely something you should check out. They already had one for April (Avengers theme) and now their June box is officially mailed out. And what’s cool about the Marvel Collector Corps, is that this subscription service is doing something a little different from the pack. With so many different geeky boxes out there (see our 22 box review), it’s hard to choose which subscription is best. Here is how Marvel claims to be different than most of the other monthly subscription boxes:

  1. It only ships out every other month. That’s right – you only get 6 boxes a year, vs. 12. This is due to the highly exclusive nature of their boxes.
  2. Marvel promises 100% Exclusive: Every Item, Every Box! They claim on their website that their box is full of Marvel and Funko items available ONLY through Collector Corps.
  3. Marvel also promises No Fluff – $50 value in every box. The subscription fee is $25, and their promise to you is that you should receive $50 in value of exclusive, high-quality collectible products including but not limited to apparel, accessories, toys and memorabilia.

So how did Marvel’s June Box fair this month? Let’s check it out


First thing you see upon opening their Ant-Man mystery box are these two collectible items. One is a patch, and the other is a pin. We’ve only seen two boxes from Marvel’s Collector Corps (April, and now June) but the patch and pin seem to be a “thing.” And personally, I think it’s cool. I subscribe to Loot Crate as well, and they have a monthly branded button they place in every box, and I think it’s an effective way to show which boxes you have collected over time. The patch/pin you see above is Marvel’s way of giving you that extra little something to show off. Smart.


The going price for Aprils Pin/Patch on Ebay is around $7.00 for the pair. Personally, these are items I would keep, but to each-his-own. Both the patch and pin are high quality, and represent the brand and theme well. I also should mention that I have not found these items in stores – so that’s a plus. Now let’s see what else is in the box.


First thing my eyes drifted to was the Ant-Man Pop-Funko. Now we all know there is a current version of the Ant-Man Pop-Funko out there in stores, you can see that version here, it runs about $9.99. That being said, the version of Ant-Man in our Collector Corps box is definitely exclusive. Take a look –


Not only is this the Scott Lang version (which I personally adore!) but you also get an itsy-bitsy-tiny-weeny version of Ant-Man in the same box. GENIUS! I definitely “squeeed” a little bit when I saw the tiny bobble-head next to the Scott Lang version. Nicely done Marvel. Nicely done.

IMG_1125 IMG_1124

Speaking of Scott Lang – Ant-Man – and bobble-heads…. Next in the box are two Mystery Minis blind boxes. I don’t know if we lucked out, or if the boxes are not “blind” (if you know what I mean), but after opening the two Mystery Minis, you can see we got one Scott Lang (helmet off), and one Ant-Man (helmet on). And thankfully there were two of these in the box, because now that means that I get to take one to work, and so does my husband. Can you guess which one I took? Mystery Minis run about $7.00 on And I must make note, that I can find an Ant-Man version of the Mystery Mini, so this particular item(s) is not exclusive.

IMG_1128 IMG_1121

Next in line is the Ant-Man t-shirt. And as you can see it’s cleverly adorable. I mean – seriously people. So freaking cute. Pop-Funko had a hand in helping with the design this month, as you can see by the tiny Ant-Man on the shirt, it looks exactly like the mini Pop-Funko bobble-head. Even my husband laughed and said he couldn’t wait to wear this awesome shirt. The going rate for something like this online is anywhere between $15.00 – $25.00. I found a similar design at Hot Topic, it’s not as adorable as the one we see here, but it is similar. So if you’re bummed that you didn’t have a chance to get this shirt, you can either search the interwebs for anyone selling their exclusive shirt, or run to Hot Topic and get something similar.


Last but not least is this variant edition comic of Ant-Man #5 (that sounds like a perfume). Anyway – you’ll never see me scoff at getting a cool comic. What this means now, is that I’ll probably run out and buy issues 1-4 so that I can actually read #5 without spoiling any of the story. Brilliant ploy on Marvel’s part….you sneaky bastards. I may as well set up a bank account with them since they’re obviously taking all my money. Going rate for this comic is $3.99 (says so on the the cover – ha!) :).


So in review – let’s see how Marvel stacked up against their claims of being exclusive and having a value of at least $50. Please note that all prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar:

  • Exclusive Marvel Ant-Man Pin/Patch estimate =  $7.00 (for the pair)
  • Exclusive Marvel Pop-Funko Ant-Man Bobble-Head estimate =  $10.00
  • (Non-Exclusive) Marvel Mystery Minis Blind Box Bobble-Heads estimate = $7.00 x 2
  • Exclusive Marvel Ant-Man/Pop-Funko Mashup T-Shirt estimate = $15.00
  • (Non-Exclusive) Marvel’s variant cover of Ant-Man comic issue #5 = $4.00
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • Total Value of Box = $50.00 – RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

Remember that a lot of my price comparisons above are based on similar items on the internet, which means there are no exact matches (except for the comic & mini bobble-heads). But that being said, if you factor in the excitement of getting a mystery box, and the unboxing of all this great marvel loot – then I would say this is well worth the $25.00 subscription fee to Marvel’s Collector Corps.

One last thing – I love how adorable the inside of the empty box looks:


We hope you found article valuable! Until next time –  let us know what you think – and if you’d like to see any other reviews of geek mystery boxes in the comments. You can also email us at [email protected].