July 21, 2024

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Fallen Is Out And Here’s Why You Should Read It

FallenCoverI’ve mentioned before that I wrote a comic book called Fallen: Self-Made Man.  It’s been a long journey dragging the book out of my head, wringing it through the creative development process, and wrestling it onto a page with the help of an amazing creative team.  But it’s been a labor of love and now it’s available for you to purchase over at Comixology.  You can even get $5 credit at Comixology if you’re new to the site and buy $10 in comics (so much to start reading, not just Fallen!) by following this link right here.

This book was driven by my love for the vigilante archetype.  Batman, Punisher, so many others.  The characters aren’t powered, just driven in a way most people aren’t and I want to explore that drive.  Coming up with my own character in that line, giving him his motivation, trying to flesh out why he would continue his quest day after day, and putting that into the framework of a story worth telling was a complicated and rewarding experience.  I hope you enjoy this book as I much as I enjoyed creating it.