April 1, 2023

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Gabbing Geek Box Office Report- Back to Jurassic, Back to Movies


Last week Ryan filled on in the Box Office report and wrote about the thousands of dollars collected on Broadway.    This week we are back to FILM GROSSES and one film made waayyyyyyy more than Hamilton could ever dream of (that’s both a Broadway joke and the guy who created the National Bank!) Who won the week?
* Coming in first this week in a BIG way was Jurrasic World, grossing the 2nd largest opening weekend ever with $204m.  It also took in an estimated BUTTLOAD in the international markets, and that estimate could even be a little low!  This movie has already made enough in the opening weekend alone to almost be in the Top Ten grossing films of the year ($204m would have equaled the #12 film last year).  Buy me food, Ryan!

No, no, we didn't jump the shark.  We dangled the shark from a wire and made a bigger Sharkosaurus eat it!
No, no, we didn’t jump the shark. We dangled the shark from a wire and made a bigger Sharkosaurus eat it!

* Finishing second his week was Melissa McCarthy’s well-reviewed comedy, Spy, in its second weekend,  netting $16M.  Spy had a nice opener last weekend with $29M, so this drop off of 45% is pretty good for a week 2 drop.  McCarthy’s star continues to rise.spy

* Number three this week with $11M was San Andreas in its third weekend. The Rock continues to deliver in this action-disaster flick.

sanandreas0004* Pulling in at #4 this week was Insidious Chapter 3 with $7.3m.  The third installment of the horror series opened well last week to $22.7M, but it is no surprise to see a horror franchise drop 68% week over week.

* Rounding out the top five this week was Pitch Perfect 2 with $6M. Those sexy Pitches have now grossed $170M.


Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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