February 23, 2024

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Gabbing Geek Box Office Report- Aloha to San Andreas


Disaster movie San Andreas and Romcom Aloha opened wide this weekend.  Who won the week?
* Coming in first this week was San Andreas, grossing a very healthy $53M.  With a manageable $110M production budget, and international appeal, this movie should be a nice hit for the studio.
* Finishing second his week was Pitch Perfect 2 in its third weekend,  netting $14.3M.  The musical comedy sequel is nearly the $150M domestic mark, making this a massive success for Universal.


* Number three this week with a very sad $13.8M was Tomorrowland in only its second weekend. A 58% drop week over week is no surprise given the reviews and audience polling data.  This movie was such a bomb that Disney pulled the plug on Tron 3 and announced that they were greenlighting Star Wars Episode 7 1/2…

* Pulling in at #4 this week was Mad Max with $13.6m.  This film continues to do well and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it jumps to the #3 spot ahead of Clooney when the actuals are released.

* Rounding out the top five this week was Avengers 2 with $10.9M. With Ant-Man weeks away, look for Ryan to lose his bet that AoU will make $10M the week it opens.


*  Missing the top five altogether was Cameron Crowe’s new film Aloha.  The audiences were clearly not using the definition to mean “hello” as the Bradley Cooper/Emma Stone film opened at $10M.  Emma Stone cannot open a movie.


Source: BoxOfficeMojo