May 22, 2024

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Convergence: Week Six Part One


With Deimos becoming the main villain of this event, and Telos and his “Contest of Champions” being pushed to the wayside, Convergence is getting a bit more interesting.  The main mini-series anyway, the tie-ins are still not adding much.

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Read on for Week Six spoilers after the break for Convergence #6,  Convergence Batman Shadow Of The Bat #2, Convergence Green Lantern Parallax #2, Convergence Superboy #2, Convergence Supergirl Matrix #2 and Convergence Superman The Man Of Steel #2.

Convergence #6

This event finally starts to take on an heir of legitimacy with the first 5 pages taking place in the New 52 universe.  It’s the first we’ve really seen of the New 52 since the end of Superman Doomed and Convergence #0.

The various versions of the Justice League as well as the Red Lanterns are investigating quite the strange phenomenon.  It seems an entire planet is half emerged and pushing itself into the universe.  The planet appears to be Telos.

Also paying close attention to this event is the weird monolithic DC version of The Watcher that showed up without reason or explanation in Earth 2: World’s End; a Monitor (best known for their role in the first Crisis) and Darkseid who really doesn’t care and is busy preparing for his war with the Anti-Monitor in next month’s Justice League.

On Telos, Deimos reiterates his offer to the various cities of the world.  Pledge allegiance to him and survive.  Refuse, and your entire city will be destroyed.  Not surprisingly though, Deimos is not entirely truthful and is just pitting cities against each other to take each other out for him.  He plans to kill everybody anyway, and then “with the magic of death a new universe will be born.  Mine.”

And now it starts to feel like a big event.  The heroes from Earth 2 and the pre-Flashpoint Titans are battling the Extremists.  Hey!  A tie-in issue kinda actually ties in to the main event!  Slowly but surely more heroes from different cities join the fight.  Including Arsenal who like five minutes ago in Titans #2 was told to stay home and take care of his daughter.

Outgunned by multiple Supermen, the Extremists transport away to meet up with Deimos.  The heroes take the opportunity to split up and head to more cities to recruit more allies.  Pre-Flashpoint Superman also has a heart to heart with Earth 2 Dick Grayson (who is becoming more and more Batman-like each time we see him).  Supes says that he has been listening to every conversation on the planet and knows the bond that Dick has with Telos.  And that they will need Telos to defeat Deimos and it is up to Grayson to convince him.

As the skies turn red (as they are apt to do in these Crisis events), Grayson finds and convinces Telos to help.  Meanwhile, the heroes have convened with their new recruits on Deimos’ location.  As usual, Deimos has a trick up his sleeve.  he’s got a few recruits of his own.  Cue entry of all the bad guys.

There are some oddities here though if you’ve been reading the tie-ins.  Flashpoint Aquaman is alive and well.  We never saw him actually die over in Justice League #2, so I guess we can let that one slide.  Deathstroke is there, with normal sized hands.  He’s recovered incredibly quickly from Atom #2.  (Granted, it may be Pre-Zero Hour versus Pre-Flashpoint Deathstroke.)  And it seems very odd that Kingdom Come Superman and Wonder Woman fight on the side of Deimos.

In closing, the battle begins and Deimos informs his collection of evil, “Kill them all and this world is yours!”

Convergence Batman Shadow Of The Bat #2


One of the weaker tie-ins so far, which pains me to say as I love Batman and was a huge fan of the Knightfall/KnightsQuest/KnightsEnd event back in the day.

Batman and Azreal are hiding out on an aircraft carrier in San Diego.  They are being hunted by the “I can’t believe they are really this annoying, I’m glad I never read that series” Wetworks.

The Bats set up an elaborate sting operation to incapacitate Wetworks long enough to have a chat to try to get them to all join forces against Telos instead of fighting each other.  The ploy works and Wetworks agrees to join Batman.  In a surprising turn, Azreal declines to join the team, instead deciding to stay behind and protect the city.

Convergence Green Lantern Parallax #2


Parallax continues his assault on Electropolis.  And not like he’s ever needed an excuse to bring the crazy, Parallax informs the city that attacking Kyle Rayner was a mistake and now they must pay.

Kyle arrives and informs the city leaders that he will help defeat Parallax if they call of their troops attacking the Pre-Zero Hour Metropolis.  The Electropolins (?) agree to his terms.

While Kyle confronts Parallax, the Electropians (?) immediately go back on their word.  They intend to attack Parallax and Kyle to keep them busy while Princess Fern and her army attack Metropolis.

Current Green Lantern Kyle thinks he is getting through to his former hero during the battle, but Parallax builds a ring powered rocket ship which traps Kyle and sends him back to Metropolis.

Once there, Kyle discovers that Electropolis has gone back on their word.  Kyle engages them to save the city.  Their battle is interrupted by an announcement from Telos that Parallax has destroyed Electroplis, so Metropolis are the victors.  Princess Fern and her army are then teleported away, possibly into oblivion.

As the earthquakes hit, Kyle asks his ring to locate Hal Jordan.  The ring informs him that Hal is no longer detectable on the planet.  Kyle is not sure what that means, but he knows that the real Hal Jordan is no more, only Parallax remains, wherever he is.

Convergence Superman The Man Of Steel #2


John Henry Irons lies paralyzed and in a coma from the attack by Gen 13 last issue.  I never realized all these Wildstorm folks were such jerks before.  John’s niece and nephew, Nate and Jem, armor up and look to finish what their uncle couldn’t.

It seems like it is days later, at least long enough to transport Steel to the lab and have him hooked up to all of Professor Hamilton’s equipment, and the Gen 13 team is still fighting the Parasite.  Things aren’t going so well, but in the end they prevail.  They are pretty drained from the Parasite siphoning their powers and the Steel younglings see this as their chance to attack.

Meanwhile, John Henry has awoken from his coma.  Based on the successful trial with their cat Allie, John Henry convinces Professor Hamilton to transfuse him with particles he extracted from the dome.  Not surprisingly, it works!  John’s body has changed though, and he can reshape it to anything he can imagine for some reason.  He creates blasters from his wrists, a jet pack on his back and flies off to help the kids.

The kids are mostly holding their own, but slowly loosing the battle as the Gen 13 team’s powers continue to get stronger.  Steel arrives to protect the kids and is more than a match for Gen 13.  Defeated, the Gen 13 team agrees to join Steel in battle against Telos.  Before they can though, the earthquake hits and they are teleported away.  Steel says that, “the real battle is just beginning.”

Convergence Supergirl Matrix #2


Well, I didn’t hate this issue like I did number one, and I’d guess that’s because for the most part it avoids the abusive relationship between Lex Luthor and Supergirl Matrix.  I even chuckled at some of Ambush Bug’s zaniness.  But in general, it’s still not an issue I’d recommend rushing out and buying.

The bulk of the issue has Supergirl and Lady Quark teaming up to capture Ambush Bug and bring him to Luthor.  They’ve decided on a truce from killing each other since Luthor can supposedly use Ambush Bug’s teleportation power to get them off Telos.

Ambush Bug teleports from city to city on Telos with Supergirl and Lady Quark never far behind.  He jumps to the future city controlled by Brother Eye.  And a city that seems like it is straight out of Marvel Zombies.  (They are on Battleworld right?)  Eventually Supergirl manages to capture him and they transport back to pre-Zero Hour Metropolis.

In a very Three’s Company moment, there is a misunderstanding and Supergirl and Lady Quark go back to fighting while Ambush Bug slips away again.  The two women do not notice and only stop fighting long enough for Supergirl to beat the hell out of (kill?) Lex Luthor.

Convergence Superboy #2


It’s a super slugfest between Superboy and Kingdom Come Superman.  Superboy refuses to lose and let his city die, but in his stubbornness fails to notice that their battle is destroying the city of Metropolis anyway.  Kingdom Come Flash and Red Robin are busy saving people from the ensuing carnage the two Kryptonians are causing.

During the whole fight, Superman is trying to talk Superboy into surrendering.  Telling him that they can come to a peaceful conclusion, save both their cities and then team up against Telos.  Again I ask, does this sound like a person that would be aligned with Deimos in Convergence #6?

The fight comes to an end when Superboy inadvertently hurts Lois Lane.  He finally sees the error of his ways and allows the Kingdom Come Superman to knock him out to claim victory.


As you read this, Convergence is over, but I’ll keep plugging along and will have Week Six Part Two available soon.