July 19, 2024

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Convergence: Week Five Part Two

Hey Watson! It’s Aquaman being a dick. No wonder he’s your favorite.

Convergence continues to trudge along with little of significance happening besides Rucka and Hamner’s return on The Question.

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Read on for Week Five spoilers after the break for Convergence Justice League #2, Convergence Speed Force #2,  Convergence The Atom #2, Convergence The Question #2 and Convergence Titans #2.

Convergence Justice League #2

It’s the female Justice League verses endless sea creatures in an ocean that exists on Telos for no apparent reason…besides plot.  Jade has had enough and smartly realizes that instead of fighting the hordes of mind controlled marine life, she should take out the one controlling them.  Unfortunately, when she does finally knock Aquaman on his ass, he is revealed to be a disguised Ocean Master.

Meanwhile at Aquaman’s underwater castle, Vixen has managed to disguise herself and sneak inside to rescue Mera.  All seems to be going according to plan until one of the guards reveals himself to be Aquaman.  “You’re not the only one capable of deception.”  Vixen attacks Aquaman but it is short lived.  You see, Vixen has powers similar to Animal Man in that she can connect to the morphogenetic field and draw on the abilities of any animal that has ever lived.  To overcome Aquaman in his own environment she has chosen electric eel, dolphin and whale.  The problem is, Aquaman has telepahtic control over marine animals and thus takes control of Vixen.  (Just go with it.)  He makes her grab one of his guards guns and shoot herself in the head.  That talking to fish ability is looking kinda bad ass now hey?

With Vixen down and most of the Justice League captured, all appears lost.  But Supergirl is still free and arrives to kick Aquaman’s fishy ass.  Only one problem.  Aquaman used the incredible Telos internet service to Google “how to defeat Supergirl” and discovered that he just so happened to have lots of kryptonite lying around on the ocean floor.

To save Supergirl’s life, Mera finally surrenders herself to the arms of the twisted doppelganger of the man she loves.  She moves in close and kisses him…but also uses the proximity to gut him like a fish with a knife she has taken from one of the guards.  As an earthquake shakes the foundations, the Justice League head home, leaving the Sea King to slowly bleed to death.  (Or be eaten by sharks he can no longer control in his weakened state.)

Convergence Speed Force #2


It’s Wally West Flash versus Flashpoint Wonder Woman.  Wally knows that he has no chance against her in the strength and skill department so he has to use his speed to end this fast.  One problem, the Flashpoint Wonder Woman posses the Speed of Hermes and is just as fast as him.

As the two should be friends battle (which is mostly just Flash running away), the speedster turtle Fastback and Wally’s two children head back to their Gotham City to protect it from Diana’s Amazonian invaders.  And when Fastback loses the upper hand in battle, it is the kids that save the day.

Back in Flashpoint Gotham, Wonder Woman has captured Wally in her lasso of truth.  As Wally confesses to what a terrible father and husband he has been, the kids are transported via the speed force to his side.  This distracts Wonder Woman long enough for Flash to kick her in the back of the head and then tie her up with her own lasso.

Victorious, Wally and the kids speed back to save Fastback in Pre-Flashpoint Gotham.  As they finish off the Amazonians, there is a…du du du daaaaahhh…earthquake!  The speedsters observations of the event are interesting.

Fastback: “That felt…strange.  Kinda like–”

Flash: “Like it wasn’t just an earthquake.  Like the feeling I’ve gotten when I’ve broken the time barrier.


Convergence The Atom #2

convergence-the-atom-2In the amount of time it has taken me to get to completing Convergence Week Five, I’ve managed to avoid most spoilers.  (Probably because no one cares enough, or not much has happened to be spoiled.)  One thing I did see was a headline that Convergence The Atom #2 was the strangest book of the year.  I’m not sure about that, but it sure does offer some odd elements.

As we saw last issue, Ray Palmer’s replacement as Atom, Ryan Choi, is still alive.  Kinda.  It seems when Deathstroke “killed” him back in the Pre-Flashpoint days, he sent a portion of his mass to the “dimension our mass goes to when we shrink”.  And when he did, his life force/soul went with it.  Since he has no mass of his own to return to, he’s been living in Ray Palmer’s head for the last year under the dome.

Well, more specifically, he’s been in Ray Palmer’s hand.  Hence when everyone else had lost their powers, for some reason, Ryan can lend what mass he has left to Ray, and Ray can grow that giant right hand to slap bad guys around.

Ray wants to know why Ryan doesn’t use that bit of mass he has left and grow himself another body?  Ryan says he is so integrated into Ray now that he wouldn’t know how to separate himself.  Ray has an idea.

Let’s not forget that while all this discussion between the Atom’s is going on, Ray is still fighting the Extremist Barracuda.  In what appears to Barracuda to be an amateurish move by Ray Palmer, Barracuda enacts his best Empire Strikes Back impression and lops off that great big hand of Ray’s.  And then in one of the strangest sequences of the week (until 12 pages later), that hand transforms into a revived Ryan Choi.  With Ray bleeding out from losing his hand, Ryan saves the day and they are teleported home.

A short time later, Ray is in hospital and Ryan is nowhere to be seen once again.  People continue to think Ray has lost his mind.  That is until that night when Deathstroke comes for Ray.  It seems Deathstroke was content with retirement, but Ray had to stir everything up and remind the world what an awful guy he was.  So Deathstroke has come to finish him off for ruining his happy ending.

Cue another re-entry from Ryan Choi.  Seems he was just hiding out, fully figuring Deathstroke would come for Ray.  The pair defeat Deathstroke, but Ryan isn’t done yet.  Time for redistribution and reparation.  In the new strangest sequence you’ll read this week, Ryan “borrows” mass from both of Deathstroke’s hands and creates a new hand for Ray.  Leaving Deathstroke with little tiny baby hands.  (His gloves still fit perfectly, so at least there’s that.)

As another happy ending concludes we get the requisite earthquake tie-in.

Convergence The Question #2

convergence-question-2These two Question issues from Rucka and Hamner are clearly one of the highlights of this whole event.  While it has nothing to do with Convergence as a whole, they are solid and the duo get to give Renee, Batwoman, Huntress and Two-Face a proper send off.

Our female trio are on the hunt for Pre-Flashpoint Two-Face who has gone in search of his Flashpoint Gotham counterpart.  Since his coin will never let him kill himself, he is hoping to get his counterpart to do it for him.

Two-Face manages to track down a “normal” Harvey Dent at the Gotham City Courthouse.  He hasn’t traveled the same path as Two-Face, and has his face intact to prove it.  Two-Face tries to hand him a gun and the two argue in legal terms about whether Harvey will get away with murdering Two-Face.  Two-Face tells him to claim it was self defense, but Harvey will not kill an innocent man.  To which Two-Face responds “Does this face look innocent to you?”

Harvey finally agrees to do it, but when he pulls the trigger, Renee gets there just in time and jumps in front of the bullet.  I guess Telos considers this a victory, as Harvey is immediately transported away.

But superheroes don’t die that easy.  (Or ever really.)  And her Kevlar suit has protected Renee.  Two-Face asks Renee what he should do now?  She tells him, “Harvey.  Be the Good man.”

The issue wraps up with a renewed relationship between Renee and Batwoman and a reconciliation between Renee and her father, just before his death.  But no earthquake.  Way to stick it to the man Rucka!

Convergence Titans #2


Remember last issue when Arsenal appeared to shoot Donna Troy and Starfire in exchange for the life of his daughter?  Well surprise!  He missed intentionally!  Instead hitting two nearby cranes, bringing them down upon the Extremists.  In the melee, Arsensal rescues his daughter from the clutches of Dreamslayer.

And then the cavalry arrives in the form of Cyborg and Beast Boy.  Cyborg couldn’t join the fight until now because he is 80% mechanical and was paralyzed since the dome appeared.  It’s odd that this side effect of the dome only affects characters in this story.  Other mechanical beings, even other Cyborg’s were perfectly fine after the dome arrived.

The Titans continue their battle against the Extremists, minus Arsenal who brings his daughter back to his protective bunker.  But all the steel doors in the world can’t keep Dreamslayer out, who once again captures Lian.  Dreamslayer then tries the same strategy of getting Roy to fire on his own people with the weaponry he’s installed throughout the city, in exchange for Lian’s return.

This time Roy does fire on Starfire and locks targets on the others.  But Arsenal says he won’t finish the job until Dreamslayer brings Lian back, which he does.  Once he has Lian in his arms, he voice activates the secondary target locks, which take out the Extremists instead.  Roy then activates a localized EMP which disrupts Dreamslayer’s powers just enough to scramble his teleportation field and he transports uncontrollably away.  Uncontrollably right back to the other Extremists who he then teleports away to a place where they can fight the Titans, but not have to worry about Arsenal’s arsenal.  All very convenient.

Then something somewhat interesting happens.  There’s no earthquake, but there is an explosion across town in Robinson Park, where the Extremists have regrouped.  The Titans prepare for battle, but Donna Troy makes Arsenal stay behind.  He has to stay and take care of his daughter.  Whether that is for the next five minutes or a lifetime.  Then Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Donna Troy take to the sky after the Extremists.

But what is interesting, is that unlike every other story this week (and last for that matter) that tied up their two part mini-series with a nice little bow of a happy ending, this issue ends with a big bold “To be continued in Convergence #6.”


Alright, only two weeks behind.  Hopefully get the first part of week 6 out shortly.