April 12, 2024

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Gabbing Geek Box Office Report- Pitch Mad Avenging!


Two big openers these summer look to knock off the Avengers from the top spot at the box office.  Who won the week?

* Coming in first this week was Pitch Perfect 2, grossing $70.3M. This exceeded even the studio’s numbers but the big test will be week 2.  I could see a 65% dropoff.
* Finishing second with $44.4M was Mad Max: Fury Road in its debut weekend.That’s a nice number, but with a $150M budget it will need a larger multiplier or VERY healthy International numbers to earn the two “announced” sequels.  I did my part for the total.  After blasting this one for months, I actually saw it TWICE this weekend.

* Number three this week was Avengers:  Age of Ultron, falling from the top spot and netting $39M.  A per screen average of $9000 in week three is pretty healthy.  Look for this to come up short of the first Avengers box office total, but pass Iron Man 3 for the second spot in the MCU cash cow pantheon.

* Pulling in at #4 this week was Hot Pursuit with $5.8M. This stinker dropped nearly 60% from week one and looks to fade hard.  Pitch Perfect no doubt took much of the key demographics.


* Rounding out the top five this week was Paul Blart 2, hanging around and grossing $3.6M. It amazes me that people keep seeing this….


Source: BoxOfficeMojo