December 4, 2023

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Spoiler-Free Mad Max: Fury Road Review

madmaxThe latest Mad Max movie had been on my radar for a while.  I loved the trailers while Watson was mixed on them.  Then the reviews came in and I was very excited.  Especially after the Ultron let down earlier this month.

Believe the hype.  This is the best movie of the year and I think only Episode VII has a chance to beat it.  This film is amazing, exhilarating, and everything a movie should be.  It is the perfect combination of over the top action that still feels perfectly consistent with the world it created.  This is a world of fast fighting, fast driving, and faster exploding.  Alliances change faster than tires in a pit stop and it all makes sense.  Why was George Miller wasting time doing Happy Feet movies when he could have been giving us this?  Why wasn’t he tapped for Avengers Infinity Wars?  WHY ISN’T GEORGE MILLER MAKING EVERY MOVIE IN EVERY STUDIO FROM NOW ON?!?!

Go see this movie.  Immediately.  You will want to go back again.

Score: 11 out of 10 fire tornadoes.