June 20, 2024

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Gabbing Geek 36: Everything Is Not Awesome

Gabbing Geek 36: Everything Is Not Awesome
Gabbing Geek 36: Everything Is Not Awesome

Need to talk about Age of Ultron? We’re here for you. Come listen to Gabbing Geek Episode 36: Everything Is Not Awesome. We cover a Superman documentary, Star Wars movie news, a June movie game, a serious complaint about Avengers toys, and then cover all things Age of Ultron. Give us a listen right now or jump past the break for more info.

Gabbing Geek is feeling those post-Ultron blues with Episode 36: Everything Is Not Awesome. We start off with GNOW (Geekiest News of the Week) with our coverage of The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?, an awesome documentary about the unmade Superman movie starring Nicolas Cage. The documentary was made by Jon Schnepp and our own Jenny and Watson got to see the movie, attend a Q&A session, and Jenny even asked an awesome question! We’ll have the rest of the Q&A audio posted on Friday over at GabbingGeek.com. Oh, and we also cover the Boba Fett standalone Star Wars movie losing its director.

We then launch our newest bit: General Grievance. In which we air something that has been bothering us in a way that we don’t in every other segment we’ve ever done. First up: Jenny is super annoyed that the Target boxed set of Avengers from Age of Ultron doesn’t have Black Widow. It also doesn’t have Vision but Jenny is a droidist so she doesn’t care about that–Black Widow she cares about. A LOT.

With that out of our system, we turn now to the June version of our over/under Rotten Tomatoes line game. Jenny and Watson each guess whether the movies Jurassic World, Inside Out, and Ted 2 will receive a Rotten Tomato score higher or lower than the line Ryan sets along with other types of entertainment news, that could found on somewhere like https://flipboard.com/topic/entertainment. The suspense, the drama, the numbers. It’s all there.

Finally, it is time to discuss Age of Ultron in our latest MRIYASIODCAS (Movie Review If You’ve Already Seen It Or Don’t Care About Spoilers). If you haven’t seen Age of Ultron—WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! If you have seen it, come join us as we recap what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what we think is next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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