April 1, 2023

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Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Is Daddy’s Little Monster


New set photos were just released from the filming of Suicide Squad with director David Ayer. The filming in Toronto involved an action sequence with stars Will Smith (Deadshot), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag), and Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang) among others featured in the group shot that has been floating around the interwebs. However, I’d like to focus in on Harley Quinn – what do you think of her updated non-traditional look? See more photos after the break?



Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a DC fan, and therefor do not have a solid history in the comings and goings of Harley Quinn. But I do know that she is prominently depicted as having a “joker-esque” look to her with the red/white tailorings, and a gigantic over-the-top carnival hammer in her hands. But what we see here is a little more – shall I say – roller derby?

I’m not okay with the sequin pantaloons, but hey, that’s okay. I know they are not marketing Margot Robbie to me – I’m a 35 yr old woman who reads comics, and doesn’t have a wing and prayer to ever look like Ms. Robbie. But I was a little disappointed that they didn’t at least put some hot pants on her. She can still look sexy and insane with some hot leather pants. Just saying.




But what do you cats think about the red and blue hair? Do you like this updated look? I think that I do! I actually prefer it to the jester hat that Harley Quinn is often seen wearing within the comics. This adds a new and modern flare to the same pig-tail concept. I am okay with it, and I say that opening stating that I do not read the comics, so I’m interested in what die-hard fans have to say.



Now let’s break down the last two items: the t-shirt and the bat. Remember the Joker photo that was released showing Jared Letto with “joker-esque” tattoos all over his body? I didn’t like it. Actually I hated it. I thought it was DC trying to hard to appeal to the “cool-kids” with those overly obvious tattoos. And in this case with Harley’s “Daddy’s little monster” shirt, I feel the same way. We don’t need the play on words, we get it, we’re a smart audience. She’s insane, her clothes don’t need to tell us that (at least not in script writing).

As for the bat – I dig it. Lord knows the over-sized carnival hammer would have been awesome on screen, but pretty impractical, so the bat is the next best thing. I can see a crazy woman picking up a bat and using it to her liking, and defense.



So what do you think? Who’s a fan of Harley Quinn – and what do you think about Margot Robbie?

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