May 27, 2024

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Read-Along Updates!



I have a whole lot of ongoing projects here at Gabbing Geek, and some of them are overdue for updates.  So, for anyone who actually does read my stuff (hi, Mom), here are some updates.

The Bone read-along covering Volume 2, The Great Cow Race, will pick up tomorrow morning.

The Discworld read-along will be back with book 4, Mort, Thursday morning.

And the as-yet untitled whatever it is Jimmy Impossible and I are doing, going through the DCAU, will probably go up Friday.  Jimmy and I have watched the first three episodes of Batman The Animated Series and are doing little chats to cover each episode, as we gradually work our way through a combined universe that beats out Marvel’s Cinematic Universe by more than a decade.  “On Leather Wings,” “Christmas with the Joker” and “Nothing to Fear” will be covered for that post.

See you all there.