September 27, 2023

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Star Wars Day? Really?


The first time I can remember going to the movies, it was to see Star Wars.  I must have been between four and five.  I went with my dad, just the two of us.  A part of me is a little jealous my kid brother will be able to do the same with his son in December.

Now, that movie made an impression, obviously.  I mean, I am aware I went to the movies prior to this one, almost certainly to see Disney cartoons or something, but I remember Star Wars as the first.  It was almost certainly one of my gateways into science fiction, fantasy, and being a geek.

So why am I not a fan of “Star Wars Day”?

Part of it is the idea that the Internet can make up a holiday, I think, and one I can’t even use as an excuse to get off of work.  It seems about as real a holiday as 4/20, Groundhog Day without Bill Murray, and Arbor Day.

Next is the fact the whole thing is based on a pun.  “May the Fourth be with you”?  Seriously?  I really don’t like puns, especially weak ones like that.  You’d need a speech impediment to say it that way.

"You're dithpicable!"
“You’re dithpicable!”

But finally, I wonder…why does Star Wars get a day?

Does Star Trek get a day?

Lord of the Rings?


Mickey Mouse?

The Beatles?

As near as I can make out, its just Star Wars.

And its based off a pun.  Why honor a piece of art and entertainment, enjoyed by many, on a single day, when the day chosen was chosen based off a bad pun based off a date?

Really, we can do better.  We don’t need a special day to honor Star Wars.

Especially since those movies also gave us things we maybe prefer not to remember…

"Mesa dispicable?"
“Mesa dispicable?”