August 11, 2022

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New Vin Diesel Movie Will Either Be Amazing Or Horrible…But It Won’t Be Amazing

Vin Diesel drives fast cars and carries big swords. He is not compensating for anything.

Lionsgate just dropped the first trailer for Vin Diesel’s new film The Last Witch Hunter.  It’s nice to see what Alfred has been up to now that Batman is retired in Italy, but otherwise this looks like the worst parts of I, Frankenstein and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters mixed up with some Underworld elements (but not from the first Underworld movie that was okay–all the other ones that sucked).  When are filmmakers going to realize that we don’t want monster movies based on the good guys?  If you make a movie about witches–make it ABOUT WITCHES and not someone hunting them.  Sigh.

See the full trailer for yourself after the break.  The Last Witch Hunter opens to horrible reviews on October 23, 2015.  Not even Paul Walker plans on seeing it.

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