January 22, 2022

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Game of Thrones Ratings Better Than Ever!

Season Five. Would the ratings falter or soar like Khaleesi’s Dragons? I’d try to create suspense so you’ll click SEE MORE but I wrote a lazy headline! Click anyway, ya jerk. Writing a website is hard…

Yeah. They are up. WAY up.

HBO released its first multiplatform data for the fifth season of Game of Thrones, and the massive drama is again pacing ahead of the previous season.

With the first round of live-plus-7 ratings now available for the series premiere, and factored in with linear plays, HBO Go, HBO Now and on-demand views, the episode has scored a gross 18.1 million viewers. That’s up by more than 1 million viewers from the comparable episode last year, during a season that nabbed an network record of 19.1 million viewers per episode.

Wow. That’s an amazing growth pattern for a geek series. It’s as successful as anything on the networks despite being the most pirated show ever. Happy to see quality programming rewarded with success.

Source: THR

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