June 19, 2024

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Episode Review: Game Of Thrones – House Of Black & White = Snoozer


I finally watched Game of Thrones S05E02 House of Black & White……. and-zzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry, I must have fallen asleep there for a minute much like when I actually watched the episode. The premier of season 5 did little to grab my attention so I was hoping this week’s episode would do more. There were a handful of bright spots here and there but I honestly don’t regret my decision to watch the latest Silicon Valley before tuning in to Game of Thrones. Warning: Spoilers after the break.

I’m probably being at least a little melodramatic; obviously we can’t have “chapter characters” killed off every other episode. I just don’t really have any sense of impending doom. Or impending anything. Dany actually struggled a bit this episode, which was nice to see. Apparently she’s learning the difference between conquering and ruling.

I don’t really know what to make of Jon Snow’s new appointment in The Night’s Watch. Is he really so honorable that he would turn down the opportunity to be named Lord Jon Stark of Winterfell? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some bastard drama (by the way, where is Ramsay Snow?).

Speaking of the Stark family, I’m really getting tired of Sansa and her lemon cakes. Can we get to the point of that Sansa/Little Finger story? I’ll admit to feeling a little bad for Brienne that nobody wants to be rescued by her but she does seem to flit her loyalty around the Seven Kingdoms. Arya’s story seems to be picking up steam now that she’s in Bravos so I’ll give Season 5 credit for that. That said, I’m really worried about Bran — he’s been inside that tree for a long time. And where the hell is Rickon?

There were probably some other things that happened or didn’t happen or whose significance was totally missed by yours truly. Honestly, I don’t care — and that’s the issue.