May 22, 2024

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And The Chrome Stormtrooper Is… (Spoilers)


The one figure that REALLY stands out in the new (AMAZING) trailer for Episode 7 is the character people are calling the Chrome Trooper.  Who is this awesome character destined to be the next Boba Fett?  Click to find out!

Valar Morghulis!!! Valar Morghulis!!! [Translation = All Men Must Die] has to be the battle cry coming from Gwendoline Christie as she marches forward in this chrome stormtrooper suit. Guys – this is Brienne of Tarth we’re talking about! The 6 ft 3 in woman of awesomeness! I for one cannot contain myself because Gwen is one of my favorite characters on Game Of Thrones, and now she is in Star Wars? Pinch me – I’m in heaven!

According to Vulture, Christie will be playing the part of the chrome stormtrooper, most recently seen in latest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I for one need a new chrome stormtrooper outfit – how about you? Or….. we can all revel in the image below – because, why not?